What’s with the name? Do you really think you are in charge of elves?
Well, actually it derived from the meaning of name. I thought it sounded cool and the web address was still available, so I went with it. I claim no responsibility for any elf activity.

What do you do?
Currently, I’m a full time nursing student on hiatus, mom, wife, etc. I also dabble in photography, graphic design, home renovation, and cooking for fun.

Speaking of names, why do you address your daughter as Pinky? Is that her real name? Weird.
Actually, it’s just a nickname I use on the interwebs for her. Same thing with Sweet Pea. I figure that even though I share a lot of their life here, publically, some things deserve a slight bit of privacy.

What kind of camera do you have? Lens?
Find out everything you want to know about my photos, camera, accessories, etc. here.

Do you really have two dogs? Your photos seem to show the same dog over and over.
Yes, we have two golden retrievers. One reason for the confusion is probably that they do look a lot alike. Many times people get them confused in person, let alone how hard it is to tell in a photo. Another reason is that Maverick (the male) is so much more camera happy and will pose all day for me if I let him. Piper (the female) is somewhat camera shy, so getting photos of her is much more complicated.