Easter 2013

We hope everyone had a good Easter weekend! I’m here to share a brief pictorial review of our celebration last weekend. We spent the time with family and both kids had so much fun coloring eggs and hunting for them on Easter day.

Easter 2013 2 Easter 2013 1

Easter 2013 4

Easter 2013 3

Easter 2013 5

This year we tried a few different techniques to color our eggs beyond the traditional method. Tie dyed (egg wrapped in a paper towel saturated with food coloring and vinegar/water mix,) Ombre´ (egg in food coloring/vinegar mix with water add a little at a time to lighten the effect,) and Swirled (vinegar soaked egg swirled in whipped cream and food coloring.) We loved the results of all three, but I’m personally partial to the ombre´ one in the middle. What do you think?

Easter 2013 7 Easter 2013 6 Easter 2013 8