Out With the Old

You may remember way back when I posted Sweet Pea’s Almost Finished Nursery Reveal. If not, you can reminisce here. The nursery was a room attached to the master bedroom of our old house (Oh, how I miss that house!) I think it was technically considered a dressing room, but it was the perfect space for a tiny little nursery so that our new babe could be close to us at night. In addition to a comfy upholstered rocking chair, ottoman and bookshelf, we bought a mini crib that fit just right in the space and was perfect for our miniature little man to start out in.

Nursery 3

But, like most babies, our Sweet Pea is growing into a healthy and happy toddler, which means that mini cribs just won’t cut it anymore. So we listed our precious crib on Craigslist and went out in search of something new to accommodate our big boy. Insert a few tears here. Bu-bye lovely crib!

Old/New Crib 1

We checked around on the internet and realized that we had a few options in the small person bed department. We could get another crib, a toddler bed or a regular sized bed. After some thought, we figured a regular bed would be too big. However, there was a short period of time that we actually considered buying a toddler bed, but we quickly scratched that idea off of the list too because we felt that it would be nice to have our rambunctious dude contained for just a bit longer.

So, after a quick trip to Ikea to peruse their collection, we decided on the budget friendly Gulliver Crib in white and a comfy mattress. (I can’t remember which one. Sorry!)
Here it is all set up in Sweet Pea’s room.

Old/New Crib 2

Lucky for us, this crib will be able to do double duty and change into a toddler bed when the time comes for Sweet Pea to have some more freedom. I figure that will give us a couple more years before he transitions into a big bed. See, there is plenty of room for Sweet Pea to hang out and read. And play. And sleep.

Old/New Crib 5

Old/New Crib 4

Old/New Crib 3

And even enough room for visitors!

Old/New Crib 6

Did we make the right choice by going with the convertible crib? Would you have chosen a toddler bed from the start and made it work? Let us know in the comments below!