This is just going to be a random post of sorts. You know, tidbits of our lives that I want to share, but just don’t quite have enough time to post long individual stories about each. Plus, then you would miss all of the awesome stuff coming up!


Someone turned six months old. Tear. I love watching this little guy grow, but it is also sad to know that he is getting bigger and the days of my little Sweet Pea being little are numbered. He even started teething this past week. Double tear.



Pinky had her first official slumber party with her best friend at our house this past weekend. All in all, it went pretty smooth. I think the girls actually went to bed at a reasonable hour and everyone woke up in the same bed they went to sleep in. I was very excited about that. Especially because I knew that there would be a possibility of me having to run Pinky’s little friend home in the middle of the night!

Pinky and Friend


This is kind of gross and vegatarians beware. You’ve been warned…

The other night, I made this disgusting delicious dish. It is actually meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but I figured it would be a hit with the ready-for-Halloween crowd. It was. Pinky took the pinky, of course. And once you dish it out, you don’t even notice that it looked like a hand. I will have to remember that for my zombie cannibalism days of the future.

Meatloaf Hand and Mashed Potatoes


Today is completely devoted to flowers. We have a wedding this weekend and I’ve been recruited to help assemble the bouquets. I’m also working on making a few of these pretty posies for headbands. This pink one will be Pinky’s and 2 more will be white for our friend’s little girls.

Wired Ribbon Flower


We finally got around to painting our bedroom. Yay! It only took 2 years. The color is Latte by Restoration Hardware, color matched in Olympic’s Low VOC paint. You may remember me mentioning that most of the house was painted in a not so lovely yellow color, but if not, you can refresh your memory here and here.

I love this new paint color. It makes the room so much more relaxing and calm. And that’s pretty much great for getting my snooze on.

New Bedroom Paint


Aw man! Ghosted again! (Check out our previous ghosting adventures here.)

Ghosted Again