Oops, I mean Catch Up! We’ve been busy the past week or so getting ready for an upcoming trip and going on play dates. Basically, awesome summer stuff that involves sweating our skin off in super hot temperatures. I have a few things to share with you too, plus some freebies…

Walking Path '11


Sweet Pea found his hands! Which then found his mouth and makes for wonderful smelling tiny little palms. Yum. He has been attempting to grab toys and it is so much fun to watch him learn.

Sweet Pea Hands


I found this old picture on the left while searching through some files on my external hard drive. It is from approximately 9 years ago and the one on the right was taken a few weeks ago. I’d say that we’ve aged decently in almost a decade, wouldn’t you?

9 Years


You may remember, way back when, that I mentioned I would be giving these two chairs a makeover. Well, I finally have them started with some primer and hope to have them finished up and in place soon.

Chair Redo


Serious Sally 49/52

Serious 49/52


The other day, after meeting our new neighbors and Pinky having an amazingly good time at a play date, I decided to send them a thank you card for their hospitality. Instead of buying some new cards or using the ones that we have left over from our wedding (we had like 7,000 extras) I made one.


Actually, several, because I’m fickle.


Then, I thought “Hey, why let these great thank you card designs go to waste?” So, I’m sharing them here where you can download them for free and print them out on your own printer. Just click on the links below to download each PDF. Once you open the file, click print. Make sure to select “Properties,” then “Features” and check the “Borderless” box. This will ensure that the cards print evenly. Once your cards are printed, cut them in half (to 8.5″x5.5″) and then fold them in half. That’s it! Enjoy!