The Almost Finished Nursery Reveal

Well, because I tend to be a procrastinator and also because Sweet Pea came a few weeks early, completely finishing up the nursery the way I would have liked it to be was somewhat of a challenge. So, I’ve decided to share what is finished so far, since it may be awhile until I actually get around to really completing it. (Sleep is a much more important job right now.) You may remember these drab photos of the nursery to be that I posted a little over 4 months ago.

Nursery Before 1 Nursery Before 2 Nursery Before 5

Oh and did I mention that the room is only 7′ x 8′ with a 2′ x 4′ closet inside? It’s the tiniest room in the house besides the half bath. Working with such a small space presented us with a few challenges, including finding a crib smaller than standard size and searching out storage options. Here’s the floor plan for a better understanding of what we were working with…

Sweet Pea's Floorplan

Lucky for us, we were able to introduce the furniture pieces that we felt were necessary and some much needed storage areas. And we knew that we wanted needed a comfy rocking chair too, so that was a must. Without further ado, here is Sweet Pea’s nursery in it’s current condition.

Nursery 1

You can see that the wall behind the chair is blank (I would like to add some sort of something) and that the hanging lantern’s cord needs to be concealed, but those are 2 of the items on the to-do list still. The pillow on the chair is one that I whipped up in a few minutes using some cheap Chipper fabric from Amazon and stitch witchery. The white blanket was mine when I was a baby and is wonderful for snuggling under.

This amazingly comfy rocker was purchased from Babies R Us and costs us a pretty penny, but since we were very frugal with the rest of the nursery (think Craigslist, Ikea and Target) we were able to splurge a bit more for this squishy wonder. We also got a free matching ottoman out of the deal too, which resides in the closet when not in use. I love rocking in gliders and my kids love to be rocked. It is great to be able to snuggle up with them and this amazing chair just the place to do that.

Nursery 2

Here’s a shot of the Delta Riley Mini Crib tucked into the little nook between the closet and the wall. We scored it on the cheap from a Craigslist seller who only used it for a few weeks, but it is currently sold at both Target and Babies R Us I believe. The crib skirt is one that I also whipped up using stitch witchery. (Yay for no-sewing!) It currently hides the under bed storage bin for baby blankets and towels behind it.

Nursery 3

Above the crib, there is a photo frame from Ikea that I filled with some name prints I made in Photoshop. The letters are Sweet Pea’s initials and I used fabric I had lying around to matte them on.

Nursery 4

You may have noticed the dark brown, extremely loved teddy in the crib. That is my “Bear” from when I was a little girl. Pinky also has a teddy, appropriately named “Bear”. Maybe Sweet Pea will latch on to one of his when he gets a little bigger.

I’m not sure I really love the crinkle curtains that are hiding clothes and extra baby gear in the closet, but I had them on hand and they will work for now until I decided whether or not to replace them.

Nursery 5

Here is the last photo I have and it is certainly a sorry one to end with. This is the Billy book case from Ikea and I still need to figure out some sort of basket situation. It currently houses books and toys, but definitely needs some help to get it looking decent. I would also love to put a small canvas art piece above it where the clock is located.

Nursery 6

So, there you have it. The almost finished nursery reveal. After a few more tweaks, including decor items and window treatments, it will be finished and I will make sure to update when it is done!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank all concerned citizens who may worry about the lack of baby proofing in this room. However, the stuffed animals do not stay in the crib while Sweet Pea is sleeping, the frame above the bed is secured to the wall and we plan to move the crib away from the window once our little bundle of joy is big enough to pull himself up in the crib.