Catching Up

This post is long overdue, but what can I say? Things come up. I had actually been planning on posting this the day that I ended up in the hospital.

Anyway, with all of the excitement of getting the nursery ready for Sweet Pea, I think that Pinky felt a little left out. She saw us buying new things and preparing a space for him and started to ask when she would get to have her room done. (Uh, hello, little princess, don’t you remember this?) So, I made it a point to grab a few extra things for her while shopping for Sweet Pea one day.

You may be able to tell from the following photos of the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance party that my daughter choreographed for her doll house characters that there are a few changes in her space.

Bedroom Redo 1

Bedroom Redo 2


Bedroom Redo 3 - 38/52

As you can see, we swapped out some of the pink for more white (per her request, I swear.) A new faux sheepskin rug, white pom poms/ lantern, and a new frame with some Pinky made 3D art work inside.

Bedroom Redo 4

The Lepidoptera art was super easy for Pinky to make herself and she had fun assembling the multi-colored butterflies in a “flying” pattern.

Bedroom Redo 5

Bedroom Redo 6

(We found the butterfly punch at Michaels.)

In other news, here are a couple more photos for our 52 week photo project. I’m really trying to get caught up here! I think I accidentally forgot to do one week and I still have another photo or two that will come with later posts…


Siblings 39/52


Beach Bunny 40/52