A Walk in the Park (1/52)

Errr, make that the playground.

Today, Pinky and I made a trip to her school (she starts kindergarten this fall, EEK) to check out her playground.

At the Park 1

The weather here was absolutely gorgeous and while she played on all of the equipment, I played around with my camera.

At the Park 2

At the Park 5

I’ve severly been slacking in the photography department due to a slump and I’ve finally been inspired to get back too it.

At the Park 3 At the Park 4

The temporary tattoos are not my thing. Someone gave her a pile of them for Christmas and we’ve I’ve been slowly reluctantly allowing her to wear them.

At the Park 6

I think we stayed for about 2 hours and Pinky made sure to test out every single piece of play stuff they had. Then, Chris showed up, starting a game with her of who-can-push-the-person-in-the-huge-swing-the-highest. I’ll let you figure out who won.

The Preparation

At the Park 7

The Goofy Excitement Grin

At the Park 8

The Push Up

At the Park 9

The Swap

At the Park 10

It was pretty entertaining to say the least. They had a blast being silly and I had fun capturing their joy. And to help me keep up with the photos, I’m joining a Flickr group devoted to taking 1 photo per week for a year of a loved one. Since I’m around Pinky the most, she will be my subject and I will also be sharing each of those photos here with you. Here is the first one of fifty-two…